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How to book an OYE!!

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

With the user-friendly interface of your favourite OYE rickshaw app, it is very easy to book an e-rickshaw. Still for our customer’s satisfaction we are here to give you the steps for “How to book an OYE!!”

1) Open the OYE Rickshawapp and provide your destination address on the search bar on your screen.

2) Choose your preference, whether you want to ride in a shared rick or need a private ride!

3) One will see a drop down suggesting nearby places, select one’s destination or write down the destination oneself.

4) Choose the no. of seats.

5) Choose the payment method and apply coupon code.

6) You can choose from rickshaws near you and then click on BOOK NOW!

7) Your ride will reach you in no. time.

It is this simple to book a ride with OYE! Rush now! Book YOUR RIDE!

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