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Much needed Positivity!

A battle fought by crores of people in India and billions of people around the world. Started in 2019 in the city of Wuhan, China this fatal virus is making the countries and the people more miserable than ever. Though we all have seen a lot of statistics and numbers to show the devastation done by Coronavirus, yet we choose to spread some positivity.

We know each one of you is exhausted, but remember that there is a rainbow at the end of every storm.

Let us together spread the much-needed positivity in our lives right now as we all need some hope to hang on to.

  • More than 19 million people in India have recovered from this Virus

  • We have our 2 “Made in India” Vaccines to fight this disease and yes, they are really helpful. Be it “Covishield” or “Covaccine”, both the vaccines have an efficiency rate of more than 75%

  • The Recovery rate in India is one of the highest

  • India is going under the biggest Vaccine Drive in the world. More than 175 million doses have been administered so far and the counting is increasing substantially with each passing day

At an organizational level, we at Oye!, launched a COVID Taskforce for our OYEpreneurs, to help fight the panic in this pandemic. At this crucial time, it is important to keep everyone well informed and to further filter out the information.

As a part of this initiative, our COVID-19 Whatsapp and call-based Help Desk are made live. We have also allocated a dedicated fund for OYEpreneurs in case of an emergency. These platforms allow our employees to get real-time chat and call support for various queries related to COVID emergencies.

Our biggest support has been the people around us only. During these times, the people are helping each other to find the light in the darkest of the hours.

We all have survived the first wave together and together we can survive the second wave too. We must stay vigilant and take extra precautions to keep our loved ones and ourselves super safe.

You can register yourself for vaccination here.

Stay Home, Stay Safe!!

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