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OYE! Game Zone

Updated: May 9, 2020

Tired of fighting boredom? Watching movies and sleeping? Don’t know what else to do in lockdown?

Your favorite daily commute app, OYE! Rickshaw has just launched GameZone within the app!

Cool games to fight boredom and pass time. That makes you happy right?

What if I tell you that you can earn OYE! Money by playing games and redeem this in the OYE! Lifestyle section for exciting vouchers like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon, PayTM, BookMyShow, OYE! Passes, and many more.

It’s quite simple: Play Games -> Earn OYE! Money -> Win Vouchers!

Excited much? Let’s Play!

How to use Gamezone:

  • First things first, update your app!

  • Open the OYE! Rickshaw app and click on GameZone from the side menu. You will be redirected to this screen.

  • You will notice the OYE! Money redemption section right away. You can use this to get vouchers for the cashback you earn from playing games.

  • Below the OYE! Money section you can see all the games that are available to play.

  • After this is the leaderboard, where users with the most cashback earned will be featured. See, we’re making you famous too!

  • The most important thing – share the GameZone with your friends and family. Show them that you care and help them win exciting prizes.

  • Don’t worry, there is a cookie for you too. For every referral you do, you’ll get Rs. 20 OYE! Money.

Enough of the explanation part. Let me give you a tour of the games and their rules and regulations too.

How to play games and earn cashback

  • Choose the game you want to play and you'll be taken to a screen as shown below.

  • There are 3 things you need to know before playing - the rules, the score and ranking system, and the prize distribution criteria.

Rules and regulations

  1. You can play a game unlimited times.

  2. Your rank will be decided on the basis of your highest score for a day.

  3. Oye! will run a daily tournament where the top 10 rankers of each game will earn OYE! Money.

  4. Each rank will receive a different amount. Please check the Prize Distribution section in each game to know the amount.

  5. Gaming scores will be calculated based on the playing sessions between 12 AM to 11:59 PM for the previous day ONLY.

  6. You can’t see the score for the current day. It can only be seen for a day before or past that.

Prize Distribution

  1. Only the top 10 players will earn Oye! Money. Each rank will receive a different amount. Please check the Prize Distribution section in each game to know the amount.

  2. You need to have a minimum score of 5000 to be eligible for a prize.


  1. The top 3 users who have earned the most OYE! Money in their lifetime will be featured in the Leaderboard.

  2. This list will be updated daily.

How to redeem OYE! Money in OYE! Lifestyle

  • Select the Voucher you want to buy and click on ‘Get This’.

  • If you have sufficient OYE! Money, you can claim a deal.

  • The OYE! Money you earn has a validity of one year.

  • Do check the details of the offer before claiming a deal.

  • You will receive your claimed voucher via SMS within 4 working days.

  • You will also be able to see the redeemed voucher details in the Lifestyle section of the app.

  • In case you did not receive your voucher, please drop us a mail at

P.S. – Don’t forget to update the app to play Games. Now hurry, and win exciting vouchers.

If you have any doubts or feedback regarding the GameZone, you can send it to us using this link - All suggestions are welcome!

Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s play some games and win!!! <>

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