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OYE! launches auto in Vaishali!

Bargaining with the auto wala's after a long tiring day?

Overpriced auto rides burning a hole in your pocket?

Can't get an auto driver to take you to your destination?

After the success of our OYE! rickshaws in Vaishali and Huge demands of our loyal and happy customers, OYE! just launched it's Auto service in Vaishali

After serving our HAPPY E-Rickshaw customers for more than a year now, OYE! is launching it’s auto service at Vaishali Metro station. We value our customers more than anything and yes! customer satisfaction is what pleases us.

Wondering how to get your first auto ride? Don’t worry, we are here to solve that riddle for you!

1) After de-boarding from the metro and exiting from Gate no. 3 of Vaishali metro station, you’ll see an OYE! branded auto just outside the lift (Gate no.3).

You can book an auto from the app itself:

2) Download our app, register and select “Ride via OTP” from the menu on your top left corner.

3) Or you can visit the OYE! Kiosk (which you can find near the lift after exiting from Gate No. 3) and our promoters will be there to help you book a ride.

Don’t worry we will not let you work more for your ride.

4) Just share the OTP with the driver and your ride is ready to take you to your destination.

5) Guess what? Your first ride is discounted too! Get 100% discount up to Rs. 40 on your first private ride and up to Rs. 25 on your first shared ride.

Don’t forget, the services are for Ghaziabad, Vaishali, Sahibabad, Raj Nagar, Indirapuram, and Rajendra Nagar only.

Hope we get your love for our Auto’s, just as we got it for our E-rickshaw service. Have a happy and safe RIDE! CLICK HERE TO BOOK A RIDE NOW!

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