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What is OYE! Lifestyle?

Who doesn’t like additional discounts? I sure do! And We know you guys love it too.

What if I tell you that you can get discounted vouchers of Amazon, Book My Show and your other favourite app on our Lifestyle section. For our regular riders, one can redeem OYE passes from our Lifestyle section. One can claim any offer of one’s choice from the list of offers available by using OYE Money.

So, basically OYE money are the points that one gets for referring one’s friends and yes you earn the points on your rides too. The no. of points that one earns by rides depends upon one’s payment method. If one pays in cash, they’ll get 50% of the amount as points and 100% cashback on your payments via online methods. OYE Money is valid for 365 days form the day it is credited.

Got enough OYE Money balance? Thinking of getting something? Just follow these steps –

1) Open the Lifestyle section in the OYE! Rickshaw app.

2) Select the one Voucher you want to buy.

3) click on “GET THIS

4) If you have sufficient OYE! Money, you can claim a deal.

5) And yes, do refer to the details of the offer before claiming a deal.

The user will receive his claimed voucher within 4 working days. The user will receive his voucher in SMS as well as in the Lifestyle section in the app. In case you did not receive your voucher, please drop us a mail at

Hurry Get you Vouchers NOWWWWWWWWWW!

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