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What is OYE! Money+?

"I feel irritated, when I have to haggle with the drivers while making the payment in cash."

"The problem of change is a real pain."

"I feel more comfortable in paying via E- Wallets, Paytm or any other online payment method."

Do you find yourself making these statements everyday? Do you feel irritated with cash payments too?

Let me tell you about the “OYE Money+ Wallet", designed to make your payments much easier.

OYE Money+ Wallet is a feature in our app where you can add money through your cards, UPI or Paytm, and use this amount to pay for your rides.

Here are the steps on how you can add money in OYE Money+:

1) Open the main menu from the app and select “WALLET

2) Click on “OYE Money+

3) In the next window, click on “Add OYE Money"

4) Enter the amount, click on “Apply Promo Code” (applicable only if you have a promo code) and then click on “Add Money

5) Choose your payment method.

6) And yayyyy, you can now pay for your rides with OYE Money+.

Now you can pay without haggling about the change.

What are you waiting for? Go book your OYE! Rickshaw now!

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