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What is OYE! Pass?

Are you a regular OYE! Rider and still spending more on your rides? Do you know about OYE! Pass? NO? Wait Wait! Don’t be worried, I’ll tell you more on how you can save more with our pocket friendly passes.

So OYE! have passes for our regular riders which helps the riders to ride at more discounted prices.

Wondering how to buy OYE! Pass?

1) Just open your app and click the menu from the top left corner in your app.

2) Click on “MY PASS” and then “BUY PASS” on the next screen.

3) You’ll see different passes to buy.

4) Select the one you want to buy and read all the details about the pass.

5) Satisfied? Obviously, you are. Our offers are pleasing enough.

6) Buy your pass and ride at discounted prices.


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